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Saying goodbye is never easy, therefore our desire is to create a personalized atmosphere that wholeheartedly celebrates the life of your loved one. We want to ensure that your last goodbye will be an exceptional goodbye.


We offer adequate funeral insurance to cover the funeral expenses.
Our funeral cover and
cash policies release
the burden off your
family as they
experience the loss of their loved one.


We offer a wide verity of tombstones and plaques that significantly capture the memory of your loved one. Choose from
our wide selection or customise and design your own for a more personalized touch. 


Winston and Yolande Duncan moved to Pietermaritzburg back in 2001 to start their journey as Funeral Directors. Together they built a family-based company and have incorporated their values troughout their business to ensure that their clients recieve an excellent and affordable customer experience. Seventeen years later and the passion for their callings are still burning deeper and deeper in their hearts. They have devoted their gifts and skills to serving God and obeying His commandment, to love God and to love others.

In 2014 they were blessed to have their long-time family friend Craig Jonck join the team. With his bursting enthusiasm and passion for people he soon became captivated in this calling, adding his own empowering gifts and strengths to the team.Together they have been serving the Midlands community with loving kindness ever since.