Services-Mosaic Funeral Group Midlands

Services-Mosaic Funeral Group Midlands


We offer a wide verity of services to take the burden off our clients. We understand the trauma of losing a loved one, therefore we are moved with compassion to ensure that their farewell will be a memorable goodbye.

Eco-Friendly services
Sea Burials

Memorial services
Tombstones and Plaques
Funeral and Cash Policies

Removal of a deceased is done 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the utmost respect and dignity.

Death Registration at Department of Home Affairs on your behalf.

All relevant Burial permits, Cremation documentation and Doctor documentation needed.

Mortuary services.

Consultations in the comfort of your own home.

Arranging of the venue or Church on the families behalf.

Wide selection of wooden coffins, caskets and eco-friendly products.

Arranging of the - flowers, funeral programs / hymn sheets, music, placing of News paper notices, and everything else related to the service to make it unique and personal.

Wide selection of wooden urns and eco-friendly urns.

National and International Repatriations.

Policies - Funeral, Cremation and the option to add a Cash benefit to all policies.

Pre-funded funeral or cremation contracts with the option of payments over 6 months or one lump sum.

Pre-arranged service options.

With over a hundred branches countrywide we can assist you anywhere in South Africa.

We are available to you

24 Hours


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